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Looking back...and looking ahead

Dear Omnimusic customers, friends, composers and fans,
Before the year comes to an end, Patti and I want to send our best wishes and thanks to all of you who helped make 2017 a successful and memorable year for Omni!
To our friends at WQED in Pittsburgh who inspired our "ScoreTrack" (OMN 240) disc. Not only has this music been immensely popular with our clients, but we've used it ourselves in numerous podcasts and short videos for our own non-profit, Grassroots Environmental Education.
To our dear friend and Omni composer Josh Heineman, who stepped up to the plate with his amazing disc “Ultra Cool” (OMN 242) that bridges funk, fusion and techy new age. From the very first demos, we knew this was going to be a cool project.
To our new friend from Romania, composer Allen Constantine, whose powerful and soaring music helped inspire a whole disc of emotionally uplifting tracks “Aspire” (LAE 16).
To the phenomenally talented composers of the CDM and ArtSound libraries, who…

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