Simple Isn't Always Easy

Now that we've finally got the high-powered "Epic" disc finished (thank you for all the nice comments, by the way) it's been nice to get to work on a simple, acoustic disc of Americana-ish tracks. Our new release, "Green Mountain" is being mastered as I write this. (For a sneak preview, click the video)

These simple tracks are so useful - perfect mood-setters for documentaries, travel videos and all the 'This Old House" and other DIY media producers out there. The gently positive, "can-do" mood created by acoustic instruments played by professional studio musicians is the ideal accompaniment for the kind of problem solving, team effort and craftsmanship concepts that so many productions deal with these days.

Of course, keeping things simple isn't always as easy as it sounds. (See our YouTube video on how we produce music.) The tendency among many composers is to add "just one more track" - a tendency which, if not discouraged, can quickly lead to "acoustic mud." Not pretty!

Now that the music is done comes the real work - editing, ordering, mastering, titles, descriptions, keywords, registrations, copyrights, artwork, printing and replication. So look for Green Mountain to be posted online in a few weeks (and, if you still use CDs, on your desk just after the holidays.)


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