Linear Time

Here’s the shocking revelation of the week: our experience of time is linear. I know that may sound obvious, but it seems to be something frequently forgotten in the video production industry.

I am as guilty as anyone of wanting everything done NOW, but seeing as how events happen sequentially, you can’t always get what you want without altering the fundamental laws of the universe. (Good luck with that.) Accepting this fact, however, is easier said than done. (You know who you are.)

This also means true multi-tasking is a myth, as the human brain can only process events one at a time (and with some people, not even that. You know who they are.)

What we’re left with, then, is speeding up our workflow. Efficient methods and tools to help us get our tasks done quicker (if not simultaneously.)

Here at Omnimusic, we kept this firmly in mind when we rebuilt our web site. Everything is designed to make your workflow smoother and to get you the music you need as quickly as possible. Sure, we could’ve made it flashier, fancier, busier, etc. but we didn’t think that would really help anyone except the web designer.

Best of all, when you’re working on a project where yesterday isn’t soon enough, we’re always here to lend a hand as well.

Until that time machine is finished, of course…

-Dave Hab


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