The Next Big Thing

Bad news:  all of your stainless steel appliances are passé.  Yeah, I know, you probably didn’t realize this, but apparently that’s because you’re not trendy enough.  Sorry.

But don’t worry, they’re working on a cure.  Designers are madly trying to find the next big thing in appliance décor - everything from glass to gunmetal to copper and probably a few other things they haven’t told us about yet.

The problem is, stainless steel is still wildly popular.  But somehow they’ve got to find a way to make us abandon it and replace all of our appliances.  And so it goes with trends.

The company who spends all of its time and resources chasing the latest trend might hit the occasional home run, but generally is devoid of any sense of  reputation for quality or brand name.

Of course, the company who chooses to ignore trends eventually winds up in the trash bin wondering what happened.

So, too, in the production music industry.  You may have noticed that some of the discs we release are not the latest thing.  Some are.  We’re trying to find the balance between the two. 

It’s a dangerous game sometimes, because when you release the latest thing, a portion of clients complain they can’t use it.  When you release the tried-and-true, another portion of clients complain you’re not up to date.  

Rest assured that no matter which side of the fence you're on, we’re paying attention.   We neither intend to abandon that which works and has made us what we are, nor do we intend to ignore the shifting sands of “the latest thing” and wind up irrelevant.

We might offer you gunmetal, but we’ll make sure you can still get stainless steel.

-Dave Hab


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