Dogs and Indie Music

Dogs are great.  They’re happy to see you every time you enter the room, and when you come home from being out, even for a few minutes, they greet you like you’ve been gone for weeks and they’ve been counting the moments until your return.

My dog is, technically, a Golden Retriever.  However, he’s not golden (mostly white,)  not a retriever (he loves to chase the ball, but rarely brings it back,) and is about as sharp as a bowl of Jell-O.  He’s as loveable as they come, though, so we don’t mind.

One interesting thing about him is that he’s nearly oblivious to sound.  He’s not deaf or anything.  In fact, his hearing is quite exceptional.  Unless it’s the sound of someone coming to our door, however, he basically ignores it.

We assume this is because from the time he was born, the breeder played music around the clock for him and the rest of his litter.  The idea was to get them used to household sounds so they wouldn’t be afraid to go into a new environment.  It worked, because there’s not a whole lot sonically that rouses him.

I wonder if we, in the 21st century, have become a bit like this and for the same reasons.  We are so massively overexposed to sound and music that it can be difficult to catch peoples’ attention.  Unless it’s something different, it’s a bit like the background noise in a city.

Enter Omnimusic Group’s newest addition: the INDIE Music Library. 

“Indie” has always stood for “independent.”  Independent thought, independent ideas, and independent creativity.  It has always pointed to something a bit outside the mainstream.  Not so far outside the mainstream that you’re on a whole different planet, but something a bit different.

This sums up perfectly what our new INDIE Music Library is all about. An eclectic mix of quirky acousto-electric tracks by Dallas-based production wizards Music By Humans.

Using first-rate production with hints of retro, the INDIE collection captures the elusive but unmistakable sound of independent film soundtracks.  Occasionally a bit twisted, and definitely different, these tracks have an authenticity that makes them perfect for a whole host of applications.

Take a listen at:

You and your dog will love it.

-Dave Hab


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