Random Amusings

It’s good to be amused, and some of us are amused more easily than others.  I admit I’m pretty easily amused.  For one thing, I’m greatly amused by irony -  like the track that was submitted called “Endless” that was too short, or the track called “Minimalism” that took two composers to write.  I still chuckle at these.

I’m also a bit amused by the funny things that happen on cue sheets.  I once saw a cue sheet for a sports broadcast where I was listed right next to Van Halen. I can’t help wondering if this ups my cool quotient at all, even though the association is completely meaningless.  Maybe there’s a quantum cool and I obtain a quark of cool for this?  After all, a lot of people would list this as “worked with Van Halen” on their resume.

Advertising is endlessly amusing – like saying your product has zero latency (impossible, unless you’ve found a way to circumvent the laws of physics), or zero calories (where it turns out they’ve re-defined “zero” as “below a certain amount”).

Recently, I saw a bag of chips that said, “The only snack bold enough to call itself ___brand.”  (For legal reasons, I’m probably not allowed to say who it was.)  I was rather amused by the self-fulfilling nature of this proclamation. Basically, they’re saying, “We’re the only product good enough to call us ourselves.”  Well, of course you call you yourself, what else would you call yourself?  Interestingly enough, this slogan actually says nothing at all about how good the product is.

Speaking of "good," I was asked recently to send a client of ours a list of our “best tracks.”  I admit I laughed pretty hard at this one, because you might as well have asked me to send a list of our reddest-smelling tracks.  It was a request that had absolutely no meaning whatsoever.  What do you mean by “best”?   The best for what?  I was tempted to be both mischievous and snobby by sending them a list of some of our Classical tracks, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t quite what they were looking for.

So what’s the point of all of this?  None really, and that’s the point.  It’s a random list of things.  In it, you may find something that amuses you.  This is not entirely unlike our new “Singles Club” library.  It amounts to being a collection of random tracks.  They’re brand new tracks that have not yet been released on any of our CDs, but rather than wait until an appropriate CD comes along, we thought it best to get them into your hands now, instead of having them sitting around collecting dust while waiting for a home.

So check them out at http://bit.ly/1aOkXRU.  We’ll be updating them continually, and you never know what you’ll find in there.  Literally.

Am I aware that the phrase “singles collection” is a bit oxymoronic?

Yes, and that amuses me.

-Dave Hab


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