The Power of "Spice"

Music is powerful, and adding words to it magnifies its impact. Movie and commercial producers have known this for a long time, and it's a concept that has quickly spread to nearly all other media communications as well, from viral web videos to corporate productions.

With this in mind, Omnimusic has released a powerful new collection of songs for media. (With the amount of material that was submitted to us, we could’ve put together one of the biggest collections around, but throwing everything in just for the sake of quantity won't help busy producers.)

Within Spice you'll find a handy lyric search system as well. Type in a keyword, and you'll find all of the songs in the Spice collection that contain that word. Want to know how the song ends? Click on the “Play Ending” button of any track to find out.

We’ve released Spice with a core collection of amazing Rock, Pop Rock, and Singer/Songwriter tracks that cover the a wide range of styles within those genres. And we'll be adding more in the months to come.

Drive your message even deeper with a track from the Spice Vocal Library. Words + Music = Power. Experience it today at


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