Annoying, but Necessary

While we’re on the topic of making things better:

My wife is a print editor and I am a music producer. I have discovered that these are basically the same thing, only in different media. I have also discovered that both are fairly annoying but necessary roles.

Every time I write something (in words, not music,) she’s got her $.02 about how to make it better. It doesn’t matter that she’s always right. It’s still annoying. (Maybe that’s WHY it’s annoying.)

I would imagine our composers feel the same way about the $.02 we’re constantly sticking in about how to make the track better for our clients. Hopefully, they understand that we’re less interested in the esoteric artistic “greatness” of a work, and more interested in how it serves our clients’ needs.

Sure, we love great art as much as anyone, but we can never lose sight of whom and what it is we are creating for. Some composers understand this; others decidedly do not. The ones that DO understand this write for Omnimusic.

When we make changes to the music, hopefully we’re always right. Either way, I’ll bet we’re annoying.

-Dave Hab


  1. Haha!! I so related to my wife constantly being right about my music. Most times she is. But yes, she's always annoying. :-)

    Good point, still.



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