Better vs. Different

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Broadway Cast album mix was a whole other story. It's the story of people who can't make a distinction between "better" and just “different." You know who they are - I'm sure you've dealt with them at some point. Well, we had three of them on this project, and each had their own perspective on how things should be done. I'm sure now you understand why this project was interminable.

“Better” vs. “different” is a murky gray swamp of an area, and one producers swim in every day. Making a change that makes the track better is one thing, but at some point, you're making minute changes that no one but you could ever notice, and you're not making it better - you're just making it different. To some, making the distinction is a bit like understanding the difference in quantum spins, but in a creative project it's an important distinction that can mean the difference between greatness and insanity.

-Dave Hab


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