The Best Have the Worst

I've noticed that all the best and brightest producers I've met have the absolute worst stereo systems in their homes. I'm talking about systems that are woefully outdated that appear to have been bought used on a street corner out of the back of the truck of some guy named "Fingers."

This may strike most people as a bit odd. It's certainly not because these people can't afford better systems. In fact, these people have speakers in their studios worth more than a car and that would put even the best consumer systems to shame. Why not great systems in their homes too?

Because they need the truth.

We discussed "the truth" in a previous post, and this is just an extension of that idea. Listening to their tracks on low-end consumer systems gives them a more accurate idea of what their work will sound like in the real world. Very few people listen to music on expensive systems these days - mostly it's low-quality .mp3's through free ear buds.

So if you want the best idea of what the end result will sound like, apparently it pays to buy the worst.

-Dave Hab


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