My Amazing Neumann U-47s

My first experience in a professional recording studio took place in New York City in the 1970s at a studio called MediaSound, located in an old converted church in midtown Manhattan. I had been invited to watch the recording of a jingle for Cover Girl makeup.

Legendary engineer Joe Jorgensen was behind the giant console in the control room, and the studio itself was filled with New York's top session guys. The first take was perfect. The next one was even better.
The pair of U-47s in the Omni studio. 

It was a big session - rhythm section, brass, strings - probably 30 musicians. The conductor was talking to the orchestra and his voice was warm and rich sounding. I asked the Joe what kind of microphone was in front of the conductor. "It's a 47, man, best mic you'll ever find," he told me.

A year later at an auction for a defunct recording studio, I bought a pair of Neumann U-47's for $750. For the pair!! (Selling now for $4-5K each!).

Most of the piano, woodwind, French horn and acoustic (nylon) guitar recordings in the Omni library have been done with those microphones, and almost no EQ at all. They just sound perfect. Warm, even, present, like honey to your ears.

Over the years I've used lots of other mics, including AKG 414s, B&K 4006s and the famous U-87, but for my money, nothing beats my U-47s. So keep your eye out for recording studio auctions, and maybe you'll get lucky like I did.


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