Apart from grabbing and keeping the audience’s attention, one of the best things the Music Outside the Box library offers, from a producer or director’s perspective, is inspiration. Everybody claims they want to do “something different,” but few seem to actually manage it. MOTB is the chance to really do it.

If you’re going to do something different, then it stands to reason you should start with something different, and MOTB is just the thing. These tracks push the mind in completely different directions than it’s used to going. Different kinds of ideas and visuals will spring to mind, and these will be the inspiration for a whole new direction.

This is because these composers have leaped out of the familiar and into unexplored territory. They have committed to this path and have decided not to be concerned whether or not popular approval awaits.

This is the fearlessness we’ve written about in previous blogs, and it is the basis of trying something new. They have taken the first step into the great unknown, and invite you to push it further with equally creative visuals.

Be inspired, and let MOTB lead the way:

- Dave


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