The Least We Can Do

I always have to chuckle when I hear the phrase, “It’s the least we can do.” Why are you doing the least you can? Why not try doing more? I would imagine this phrase began life as “At least we can do this…” and over time morphed into the less helpful version we have today.

I am always surprised, however, at how many people practice the idea of doing the least they can. In the workplace in today’s competitive world, it’s a surefire recipe for disaster, and yet there seem to be so many people doing it. I have no idea how they survive, but I keep running into them and they amaze me every time.

I am happy to report that here at Omnimusic, we don’t do the least we can. We always push it the extra distance to make sure everything we do is as good as it can possibly be. When it comes to music production, this very often means getting composers to tweak and re-tweak their tracks until they arrive at something we think will be most useful to our clients. It is true that we could probably get away with not doing a lot of this, but in the long run, we believe it makes a difference to the end user.

So to all of you who have told us how much you love our music, how easy it is to find what you need, and how well it fits into your productions: you’re welcome. It’s the least we can do.

-Dave Hab


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