No Competition

You don’t have to compete if there are no competitors. Yeah, brilliant, I know.

This a rare but great position to be in. In a race, it would be pointless, as you’d be going around the track alone for no reason. But when it comes to style or innovation, it’s great.

One of the more recent examples of this (and there are many in our technologically innovative age) is the iPad. When it came out, people flocked to it because it was great, and there was nothing like it. Of course, it didn’t take long before the copycats tried to play catch-up, but all that did was keep Apple on their toes. Instead of running a monopoly where innovation was unnecessary, they had to keep pushing forward to stay ahead of the market, all the while remaining true to their style and original vision.

This is an interesting balancing act, and one we’re quite familiar with here at Omnimusic. Omni was one of the very first production music libraries. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to catch on that the library business was the future, and libraries have been popping up like friends around a lottery winner ever since.

Now, with so many libraries around, where does Omnimusic fit? It’s not enough to have been around the longest with the highest customer satisfaction. There has to be something to make Omni stand out from the crowd.

That something has always been not only the first-rate customer service, incredibly helpful music supervision, and the high quality of the music, but a focus on music that is particularly useful for a wide variety of applications. Where the balancing act comes in is not allowing yourself to become dated or stagnant – you have to keep up on the latest music too. Of course, you don’t want to release so much “flavor of the week” music that you lose the style and focus that your clients love and that made you great in the first place.

We rely heavily on feedback from our customers to maintain this balance. Sure, we have the composers and resources to release the latest top-40 thing all the time, but that doesn’t serve our clients’ needs. We strive to both stay up to date and to remain true to what got us here in the first place.

So when you’re looking around at various library options, first ask yourself what it is you need. If you need the biggest, the loudest, or the trendiest, there are plenty of choices. But if you need a well-rounded bunch of really high-quality music that is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, coupled with great customer service and music supervision, then there really only is one choice: Omnimusic. Like everything in life, we believe there’s a balance, and we work hard every day to maintain it.

Plus, it’s kind of fun to watch everyone else try to play catch-up.

-Dave Hab


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